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Handmade Scented Soy Candles Of The Highest Quality

These are a sampling of our 8 Oz Classic Mason Jar Candles with a Homespun Ribbon and a Tag Label Great for gift giving

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For premium quality scented candles see our Home And Hearth Collection in the Container Candle section. These contain the maximum amount of fragrance oil,are very aromatic and clean burning. These are available in a variety of containers to suite your taste

Perhaps you are looking for relaxation.In our Aromatherapy section you will find our Tranquil Escape Collection. These contain all the aromas that will sooth your soul and relax your mind and body providing just that a Tranquil Escape from the stresses of todays hectic lifestyle. These candles are great in the bedroom and bath, fill the tub lite your favorite candle and let the stress of the day just fade away.

See our Aroma's Amore Collection in the Sensual Scents section. These have a Romance inspired fragrance and are perfect for that romantic evening or weekend getaway with that special someone.

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Skillet Scents In the Kitchen Aromas Section
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