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Look in our Home and Hearth and Tranquile Escape Collections for cost and ordering info. (click image to enlarge)

Home And Hearth Collection Aroma Melts

We offer aroma melts in both our Home and Hearth Collection and our Tranquile Escape Collection of aromatherapy candles. We offer the same aromas that are available in all our candles and they can be used in either our Tea Lite Tart Melters or our Electric Aroma Warmers.Look in the Candle Accessories Collection for selection and cost.

Continue Scrolling Down To Look in our Aromas Amore andTranquil Escape Aromatherapy sections for More Aroma Melts Selections In Those Specialized Essential Oil Collections


Aroma Descriptions ----- Click Here For a Complete Listing Of Available Aromas

Our Price:  $5.00  

Units:       each

Aroma Melts Selection

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